Are you in Need Of a Composer?

Lars Rühmann is both a music composer and sound engineer living in Berlin. As an expert in audio related services he provides music production, recording, editing, sound design and audio post production to film and other media projects.

I have enjoyed working with you. Top result, top communication and timing and engagement and in general.”

— Esther Gonstalla of


The sound of film

Whether you're in need of a competent and reliable recording engineer or want your project to shine through high quality sound design and audio post production: Lars is able to cover the production process from beginning to end, bringing your creative vision to life.

His recent work includes the sound design and mixing of the TV commercial of the German ecological party's political campaign in Lower Saxony in 2017 and that of several imagefilms.

Grand melodies, Haunting Atmospheres

As a professional music composer, Lars wrote and produced the score of several indiefilms of different genres, including horror, comedy and drama.

Playing the piano since the age of six, he is able to cover a wide range of genres.

When assessing a service provider, we consider the following points to be essential: reliability, consistent quality and clear communication that helps to achieve this. Lars Rühmann fulfills all of these criteria for us with flying colors.”

— Andre Peschke of

Many, many thanks for your great work! It's really nice to see how your input breathes life into the film and unfolds its atmosphere.”

— Carolina Rath, director of "Tamora Imperatrix"

Getting it right at the source

High quality music production requires a deep understanding of both musical and sound engineering aspects. To get that distinctive and certain sound your project needs, Lars is able to both properly record and mix it in studio.

For this he is able to resort on a wide network of musicians capable of playing many different instruments and genres.

Working for Voice Actors

When it comes to recording and sound editing of voice actors, just leave it to Lars. His regular clients include the Lauscherlounge, one of Germany's biggest audiobook production companies and, which is one of the top 50 creators of Patreon right now.